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The assignment is a special review required in the Ecodesign Regulations (EU) 2015/1185 (solid fuel local space heaters with a nominal heat output of 50 kW or less) and (EU) 2015/1189 (solid fuel boilers with a rated heat output of 500 kW or less) article 7, point 2, which has an earlier date for presenting to the Consultation Forum than the rest of the review activities mentioned in article 7. Therefore, it was necessary to launch a special review covering only the third party certification.

Similar review requirements are included in Lot 1 (central heating boiler), Lot 2 (water heaters) and the rest of Lot 20 (local space heaters), but here the assessments of the third party certification have the same required date for presenting the results to the Consultation Forum as the remaining part of the review. The study team will in any case coordinate the activities for the current assignment with the above-mentioned reviews, where necessary and possible.

This requirement was included in the regulation because space heaters, including local space heaters and boilers, are complex products for which market surveillance is not straightforward, in particular because of the high costs for testing and the complexity of the test procedures. During the discussions leading up to the adoption of the above-mentioned regulations, third party certification was suggested as a potential tool to support compliance of heaters with the requirements. An alternative, ’independent third party testing’ by an accredited test institution, was also discussed.

A third party certification shall be based on Directive 2009/125/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 October 2009 establishing a framework for the setting of ecodesign requirements for energy-related products article 8, point 2 about the conformity assessment procedures with reference to Annex II to Decision No 768/2008/EC.


The overall objective is to assess whether 3rd party certification, or independent third party testing, is appropriate for solid fuel boilers and solid fuel local space heaters.


The assessment is structured into 3 tasks:


Task 1 – Screening

  • Current test standards and procedures

  • Clarifying the preceding discussions

  • Experiences from the Market Surveillance Authorities

  • Experiences from other test methods and schemes

Task 2 – Evaluation of 3rd party certification schemes

  • Examples of third party certification and independent third party testing

  • Stakeholders and experts

  • Approaches and advantages and disadvantages

  • Assessment of impacts

  • Recommendations

Task 3 – Technical assistance

  • Stakeholder enquiries

  • Update of Working Documents after the Consultation Forum

  • Assistance to open public consultation process


The study started mid November 2017 and is expected to finish May 2019. The table below gives an indicative timeline for the coming activities. The timeline is subject to change and may be updated during the course of the study.

Those who have registered through this website will be informed of website updates, meetings and availability of documents.


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